Mariachi Musical Chairs

Mariachi Musical Chairs

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What You'll Need:

  • A chair for each guest
  • Mariachi music
At the Party:

Place the chairs side-by-side in a line with every second chair facing the opposite direction. Tell your guests that when the music starts playing, they should walk in a circle around the line of chairs. When the music stops, they must each sit in a chair.

To begin the game, start playing the music. Stop the music after a few moments, and wait while each player sits in a chair. In the first round, there should be one chair for every player. For the second round, take away one chair and start the music again. When you stop the music the second time, all but one child will have a chair; this child must sit out until the end of the game.

Continue playing, removing a chair after each round, until only one child is left in the game.

Note: For younger children, you may want to give each child a small prize (e.g. a sticker or small piece of candy) as they are eliminated from the game to avoid hurt feelings.