Old MacDonald Says...

Old MacDonald Says...

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How to Play:

As in the traditional game of "Simon Says," one person is selected to be the leader or "Old MacDonald." For children ages 3 and under, it's best to select an adult leader. For older children, start the game with the birthday boy or girl as "Old MacDonald," then let the winning player be the leader in the next round.

  1. To start the first round, "Old MacDonald" gives the rest of the children a command such as, "Old MacDonald says, 'Snort like a pig!'"
  2. The players must perform the action commanded only if the leader uses the phrase, "Old MacDonald says."
  3. If the leader simply says, "Neigh like a horse!" or, "Cluck like a hen!" without first saying, "Old MacDonald says . . ." then the players should not copy the leader.
  4. If they do, they are out for the rest of that round.
  5. The last player remaining wins and is the leader for the next round.

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