Skateboard Relay Race

Skateboard Relay Race

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During this relay race, players will take turns putting on knee pads and a helmet and then scooting towards the finish line!

What You'll Need:

  • 1 skateboard for every team
  • Knee pads (one set per team)
  • 1 helmet for every team
  • Plastic cones
  • Prizes (optional)

How to Have a Skateboard Relay Race:

Note: You will need to play this game on concrete away from moving vehicles.
  1. Divide the players evenly into four teams.
  2. Now divide each team in half and stand them about 50 feet across from each other.
  3. You will now have two lines of players facing their teammates.
  4. Pass out one set of knee pads, one helmet and one skateboard to each team.
  5. When you say "go," the first people in line on one side must put on their knee pads and helmet and then scoot or skateboard to their teammates on the other side.
  6. At this point they must dismount the skateboard, take off their knee pads and helmet and pass everything to the next team member in line.
  7. The race continues while everyone skates or scoots to their teammate on the opposite side.
  8. Each time they must put on all the safety equipment first.
  9. The first team with all the players that scoot across the field wins!

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