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Ice Cream Jack O'Lanterns

Ice Cream Jack O'Lanterns

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To make Ice Cream Jack O'Lanterns, you will need:

  • Navel Oranges (1 per child)
  • A Knife or a Permanent Black Marker
  • Vanilla Ice Cream and/or Orange Sherbet
  • A Cookie Sheet

Once you've gathered your ingredients and tools, follow these instructions to make the Jack O'Lanterns:
  1. Cut a round lid out of each navel orange.
  2. Hollow out the oranges by scooping the pulp out of each.
  3. Use a knife to carve a face in each orange, or draw on faces using a permanent black marker.
  4. Fill each orange with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and/or orange sherbet. If you carved faces into the oranges, be careful not to let any ice cream ooze out of the holes.
  5. Put the lids back on the oranges.
  6. Place the oranges on a cookie sheet and freeze them until you are ready to serve them.