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Dragon Egg Treasure Hunt

Dragon Egg Treasure Hunt

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What You'll Need:

  • A treasure map of the party area
  • Mardi Gras beads
  • Chocolate or plastic gold coins
  • Plastic jewels
  • Small toys
  • Small candy
  • Stuffed or plastic dragons
  • Plastic eggs (enough for each guest to have 5)
  • A permanent marker
  • Goodie bags
  • Glow sticks or necklaces (optional)
  • Flashlights (optional)
  • Scary music (optional)

  1. Draw a treasure map that looks like the party area. This can be for an inside or outside location.
  2. You can decorate the party area to match the map. For instance, make a dragon cave out of a tent, or moat out of a sandbox.
  3. Make enough copies for each guest.
  4. Roll up each map into a tube and tie with a ribbon if desired.
  5. You can also make the paper look old by staining it with tea.
  6. Write each party guest's name on 5 eggs using a permanent marker.
  7. If the children are too young to read you can color coordinate or draw shapes on the eggs.
  8. Fill each egg with a prize (Mardi Gras beads, gold coins, plastic jewels, small toys, or small candy).
  9. Make sure each child gets a variety of prizes in their 5 eggs.
  10. Arrange stuffed or plastic dragons around the party area for decoration.
  11. Hide all the eggs in the party area. You can hide them in harder places for older children.

At the Party:
  1. Hand each child a treasure map and a goodie bag and tell them each map leads to treasure that was picked out just for them and hidden inside dragon eggs.
  2. Instruct the children to collect only the 5 eggs that are labeled with their name/color/shape.
  3. For older children play some scary music and turn off the lights if playing inside. Give each child a flashlight or glow stick to help in the hunt!
  4. If a child finishes finding their eggs early, have them help their friends complete the hunt or trade prizes with their friends.