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Say It Two Ways

Say It Two Ways

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At the Party:

  1. Divide your guests into two teams.
  2. Flip a coin to see which team will go first.
  3. Start by saying a word in Spanish, and then say '...means?" and have the first team yell out the correct word in English.
  4. When they guess correctly, go to the next team, and give them another Spanish word.
  5. The team who has the most correct answers wins!
  6. For a non-competitive game, have all guests call out the correct answer as soon as they know it, and work together to figure out the more difficult words.

Sample Words:
  • Rojo means... Red!
  • Perro means... Dog!
  • Gato means... Cat!
  • Uno means... One!
  • Azul means... Blue!
  • Auga means... Water!
  • Cabeza means... Head!
  • Madre means... Mother!
  • Hombre means... Man!