In the Doghouse Musical Game

In the Doghouse Musical Game

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The object of this game is not to get caught in the "doghouse" when the music is stopped.


  1. Use a large box, such as a furniture box, to form a cardboard doghouse with two doors.

  2. Then, at the party, position an adult at a tape or CD player to stop the music periodically.

How to Play:
  1. When the music starts, the first child goes through one door of the doghouse and out the other.

  2. The next child in line follows the first.

  3. Children continue passing through the house until the music stops.

  4. The child who is in the doghouse when the music stops is caught.

  5. For younger children, award a prize or sticker to ensure that everyone wins.

  6. For older children, the child who is caught is "out" for that game, just as in musical chairs.

  7. Continue playing until only one child remains and is named the winner.

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