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Tractor Tipping with Mater

Tractor Tipping with Mater

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At the Party:

  1. Choose one child to be Tow-Mater. The rest of the children will be the tractors.
  2. Have the tractors spread out in a single row. Then have them make a bridge with their body by doing a back bend. If this is too difficult for your guests, have them stand with their legs spread far apart.
  3. Tow-Mater must try to tip the tractors down! He does this by crawling under one of the bridges. If a tractor falls over while Tow-Mater crawls through they are out.
  4. Tow-Mater can only crawl through; he cannot push, tickle or intentionally nudge the tractors.
  5. After Tow-Mater goes through all the children once, have him crawl under a second time. Continue until only one tractor is left standing.
  6. The winning child gets to be Tow-Mater in the next round.