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Dinosaur Guessing Game

Dinosaur Guessing Game

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At the Party:

Have guests sit in a circle. Read each question below and let the children guess the answer. Offer a small prize or piece of candy for each correct answer.

  1. My name means "tyrant lizard" and I am the fiercest of the meat-eaters. Answer: Tyrannosaurus Rex
  2. I was not actually a dinosaur, but a flying creature with a wingspan of over 25 feet. Answer: Pteranodon
  3. I was the tallest of the dinosaurs. I was as tall as a four story building and I weighed as much as 10 elephants! Answer: Brachiosaurus
  4. I was the largest flying creature with a wingspan the size of a small plane. I was named after the Aztec feathered serpent god. Answer: Quetzalcoatl
  5. I had large bony plates that stood up along my spine. Answer: Stegosaurus
  6. I am Fred Flintstone's pet. Answer: Dino (Dee-no)
  7. What is the scientific name for plant-eaters? Answer: Herbivores
  8. I am an insect that lived at the time of the dinosaurs. I have four wings and can fly faster than any other insect (35mph). I have large eyes that wrap around my head. My name sounds like I might breath fire, but I don't. Answer: Dragonfly
  9. My name means "three-horned face" and I look a little like a rhino. Answer: Triceratops
  10. I was longer than two buses and I was a plant-eater. Another name for me is Apatosaurus. Answer: Brontosaurus
  11. I was a sea creature with a long neck and sharp teeth. I was 40 feet long. My name sounds like I must be very polite. Answer: Plesiosaurus
  12. Scientists who study prehistoric life are called... Answer: Paleontologists
  13. When all of a kind of animal or plant has died and it no longer exists, we say it is... Answer: Extinct
  14. The Age of the Dinosaurs is divided into three periods. One of them is the Cretaceous period. Name one of the other two. Answer: Triassic or Jurassic.