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Kitty Best in Show

Kitty Best in Show

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Turn your child's party into a full-fledged Kitty Cat Show, or simply choose an activity below to add to your party plan. Either way, you'll need to ask each guest to bring their favorite stuffed cat to the party. Then, set up different activity stations around the party space, and let the children rotate to each one with their stuffed cats. Some fun choices include:

  • Cat Collar Shop: Let the children make collars for their cat using pre-cut strips of ribbon. If you wish, have circles of construction paper ready with a hole punched near the top of each. Your guests can write their cat's name on a paper circle, and string it onto the ribbon collar.
  • Pet Vet: Let each child give their cat a check-up using a toy doctor kit. Bring out your bathroom scale so they can weigh their cat, too!
  • Cat Grooming Shop: Let your guests pretend to bathe and groom their stuffed cat. Set out some empty baby shampoo bottles, a doll bathtub or plastic bowl, and a small washcloth (no water, just pretend!). Next they can use a small hairbrush or comb to groom their cat. You may want to set out small hair bows and clips for your guests to put in their cat's hair or tail.
  • Kitty Cat Show: After your guests have gone to all the activity stations, let them take turns going to the front of the group. Have each child show their cat to the group, tell their cat's name, when they got it, and anything special about their cat they wish to share.

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