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Bumble Bee Tag

Bumble Bee Tag

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At the Party:

  1. Ask your guests to spread out in a large playing area. Make sure to designate the areas that are out of bounds.
  2. The birthday child starts off by being The Queen (or King) Bee.
  3. When you say "go" the Queen Bee should try to tag other children.
  4. When a child is tagged, they also become a bee. When this happens, the child should raise their hand in the air so everyone knows they have a "stinger."
  5. The tagged bees get to join The Queen Bee and tag the other children.
  6. The last child who has not become a bee wins.
  7. The winner of the last game can become The Queen Bee in the next round.

Note: Be sure to watch the game closely to see when one child is left without their hand in the air.