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Squirt Gun Bowling

Squirt Gun Bowling

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  1. You will need one or more squirt guns and a supply of paper bowling pins.
  2. To make the bowling pins, cut white paper triangles from construction paper.
  3. Roll them into a cone shape and tape the edges together.
  4. Be sure to make plenty in case some become soggy during the game.

At the Party:
  1. Set up ten bowling pins on a table, bench or other flat surface such as a fence or deck railing.
  2. Have a bucket of water handy to refill the squirt gun as needed.
  3. Line up the children and start the game using the squirt gun instead of a bowling ball.
  4. Allow each child ten seconds to knock down as many pins as they can with the stream of water from the squirt gun.
  5. Then set up the pins again for the next child.
  6. Depending on the ability of your guests, the pins can be set in a straight line, or in the triangle pattern used at a bowling alley.