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Converting to a Pull-String Piñata

Converting to a Pull-String Piñata

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A pull-string piñata works well for younger children and enclosed spaces, as well as for piñatas that your child might not feel comfortable hitting, such as a familiar licensed character. Instead of hitting the piñata, children pull strings attached to a hidden door that opens the piñata and releases the candy. Most piñatas can be converted to a pull-string style using the following instructions:

  1. Set the piñata down with the bottom facing up.
    Note: Some oddly-shaped piñatas may require creativity in deciding where the pull flap should be.
  2. On the bottom, use an Exacto or utility knife to make a 3-sided trap door with approximately 3- to 4-inch sides.
  3. Use the point of the blade to make small slits through the cardboard on the flap, making enough slits for each ribbon that you plan to use (at least one for each guest).
  4. Cut the appropriate number of ribbons.
    Note: Ribbon length should correspond to the height at which you plan to hang the piñata.
  5. Thread a ribbon through each slit.
  6. Either knot all of the ribbons together inside the flap or knot just one or two ribbons and leave the rest loose. The first way allows all of the children to pull the strings at the same time to open the piñata as a group, whereas the second way allows them to each select a ribbon until someone finds the one that opens the flap.
  7. Fill the piñata with candy and/or small prizes.
  8. Close the flap and lightly seal it with a small piece of Scotch tape, using enough to hold the flap shut but not so much that you prevent the door from opening when someone pulls the knotted ribbon(s).