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Sand Dollar Beach Shop

Sand Dollar Beach Shop

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  1. Purchase items for the shop that your guests might enjoy such as bubble sets, tropical flavored candy, sunglasses, fancy lollipops, grass skirts, Frisbees, flip flops, or inflatable pool toys.
  2. Set a price for each item.
  3. You will also need play money to give each child.
  4. Set up a small table as the shop or simply display the items on a beach towel on the ground.
  5. You can make a sign that says 'Sand Dollar Beach Shop" to lay on the towel.

At the Party:
  1. Give each child the same amount of play money and let them choose items to buy in your Sand Dollar Beach Shop.
  2. Let the children take turns so that everyone gets to buy an item they like.
  3. For older children, you may want to sell the items one at a time and let the guests bid on what they want like an auction.