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Balloon Hockey Training

Hockey Balloons

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There is no need for full contact to have tons of fun. Play hockey indoors with this safe and easy hockey party game. What You'll Need:
  • Inflatable swords or twisting balloons
  • Latex balloons
  • Masking tape or another goal marker

Before the Party:
  1. Blow up twisting balloons and latex balloons. Twist the long balloons into sword shapes to serve as your hockey sticks. The latex balloons will be the pucks
  2. Set goals at either side of a play area. Use masking tape to mark the in-bounds space.

At the Party:
  1. Set up two teams to face off.

  2. Hold a fun balloon hockey game right in your living room.

  3. Use more than one balloon "puck" at a time to add to the excitement.