Catch a Tiger By the Tail

Photo of Child Dressed as a Tiger

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What Do I Need?

  • Orange construction paper or orange yarn (or a clean orange sock.)
  • Tape or a square of Velcro with an adhesive backing
  • Stereo or music player
  • A clear floor space


Create a tiger tail. Cut a tail out of construction paper and draw stripes on it with markers or braid several lengths of orange string to make a "tiger tail". You may also use a clean long, orange sock to make the tail. You might also consider making a simple belt out of elastic in case guests arrive in a skirt.

How to Play:

This game is played just like "Duck, Duck, Goose" except players must catch a "tail" of the player they chase.

  1. Have players sit in a circle, facing toward the center.
  2. Select a volunteer to be the first to be the first "tiger" picker who will walk around the circle. Attach the string to the first "tiger" picker by tucking it into his or her waistband. You may also attach it with Velcro.
  3. The tiger walks around the circle, tapping each player and saying, "Lion, lion, lion... TIGER!"
  4. The child tapped when the tiger picker says "TIGER" must jump up and catch the "tail" on the tiger picker before he runs all the way around the circle and sits in the spot of the child that was tapped.
  5. If the tiger picker makes it to the spot and sits down without being caught, the chaser is now the new tiger picker.