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Lion Hunt

Lion Hunt

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The object of this game is not to get caught by the hungry hyena (one of the children). This game is a spin on duck, duck, goose but a lot more fun to play!

What You'll Need:

  • A music player
  • Music from The Lion King

How to Play Lion Hunt:
  1. Stand all but one child in a circle. These players are the lion cubs.
  2. The remaining child should stand in the middle of the circle. This player is the hyena.
  3. Start playing a song from The Lion King such as "Hakuna Matata" or "I Just Can't Wait to Be King."
  4. As the song plays, the children should start walking around the circle slowly.
  5. The child in the middle should close their eyes, spin slowly, and place one arm in front of them and point (like the hand of a clock).
  6. Let the child in the middle spin a couple times as the other children march around, then pause the music.
  7. When the music pauses, the lion cub the hyena is pointing to is about to become lunch!
  8. The hyena must now chase the lion cub around the circle.
  9. If the lion cub makes it back to their spot in the circle, they are safe.
  10. If the lion cub is tagged by the hyena, they have been caught and are now out of the game.
  11. Once a child is out, they can be the next person to pause the music.
  12. The hyena now returns to the middle of the circle and continues to try to catch all the lion cubs.
  13. The last lion cub left is the winner and gets to be the next hyena!

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