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Tell Me if I'm Wrong

Tell Me if I'm Wrong

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At the Party:

  1. Have the children sit in a circle around an adult leader.
  2. The leader tells the children that he is going to name some animals that they'll know, but to please let him know if he makes a mistake.
  3. The leader starts by listing five or six animals, followed by an unrelated word, such as "banana."
  4. When the children hear this nonsense word, they yell, "Nooooo!"
  5. The game gets louder as the mistakes get sillier.

  • The leader says, "Tiger, Giraffe, Hippo, Rabbit, Salamander, Football..."
  • And the children say, "No!"
  • The leader then says, "Snake, Lizard, Spider, Underwear..."
  • And the children say, even more enthusiastically, "Nooooo!"
  • The leader continues in the same way for as many rounds as desired, throwing in subsequently sillier unrelated words each round.