Hippos in Mud

Hippos in Mud

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What You'll Need:

  • A Length of Brown Butcher Paper or Several Brown Paper Bags (to represent the mud)
  • A Roll of Masking Tape
  • A Stereo
  • One of Your Child's Favorite Tapes or CD's

  1. Cut the brown paper in a wavy-edged pattern so that it resembles a mud puddle.
  2. Then, use the masking tape to secure the "mud" to the floor in the game area.
  3. Next, use the masking tape to "draw" a large circle (at least 5–7 feet in diameter) that overlaps the "mud" in a similar fashion to the illustration above.
  4. Finally, plug in the stereo near the game area and insert the CD you plan to use for the game.

How to Play:
  1. At the party, ask your "little hippos" line up along the circle on their hands and knees, and station an adult by the stereo to start and stop the music randomly.
  2. When the music starts playing, the "hippos" must crawl along the circle (everyone in the same direction!) and across the "mud."
  3. The "hippos" that are "stuck in the mud" when the music stops are the winners and either receive applause or a small sticker or other prize.
  4. As young children may not be able to handle competitive games, ensure that every child gets "stuck" at some point so that everyone wins. This will require the adult playing the music to pay attention to who's gotten "stuck in the mud" already so he or she can stop the music at appropriate intervals.