Animal Safari

Animal Safari

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A good safari guide knows where to find wild animals; even so, animals may be elusive once in awhile. It's your little guides' jobs to find the animals hidden in the "jungle," which can be set up outside in your yard or inside in one or two rooms of your house. This make-believe safari will be especially fun for young children.


Before the party, hide inexpensive plastic animals or small stuffed animals in various places around the game area. Be creative and hide some in trees, house plants, high shelves, etc.

How to Play:

At the party, give your guides bags to collect any animals they find hidden in the "jungle." If you are using inexpensive plastic animals, let the children take home any animals they find. Or, let them trade in the animals they collect for a single, larger prize. Alternatively, you can search as a group and have fun pointing out the hidden creatures.