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Ballet Class

Ballet Class

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What little girl doesn't love to play ballerina? So when her birthday comes around this year what better party theme to pick than the ballerina birthday party theme. Even if you deceide to throw a princess party instead this party game will still be popular. This activity will get your little party guests moving and maybe even teach them something they'll remember forever. Here's a way to get everyone moving to the music!

At the Party:
  1. Call your local dance studio.
  2. Ask if they have a teenage student who you can hire.
  3. Ask the student to come to the party dressed in her ballet gear-preferably including a tutu-and dance for the children before teaching them a few basic moves.
  4. During the party have her teach a few simple ballet steps at your child's ballerina party.
  5. Have ballet music ready, such as Swan Lake or The Nutcracker Suite.
  6. Your guests will be enthralled by a real ballerina!
  7. To add to the fun get little tutus for each of the party-goers