If you want to go with a scary witch wig, look for hairstyles to strike fear into your friends' hearts! Twisting black wigs with green or grey accents can create the illusion of magic. Black witch wigs are associated with evil styles, so pick black for a sleek and spooky witch. For an old hag, add a black and white or gray wig. An old lady look can liken you witch costume to the evil witch from Snow White or the three witches from Shakespeare's Macbeth.

Not every witch outfit is evil and scary. You can create a good witch ensemble like Glinda's dress from The Wizard of Oz with a natural tone hairstyle. Add a long blonde or brown wig with some volume to it for a magical enchantress style. You can also add fun accessories like rhinestone hair clips for a mystical aesthetic. Your hair and makeup can make a big impact on the tone of your women's witch costume. Cast a spell for success with one of these witch wigs as your main ingredient!