Brown & Brunette

Brown hair is one of the most common styles in the world, so a brown wig will look great with hundreds of different Halloween costume designs! There are tons of brown wig styles from simple to outrageous, from disco to biblical, and from mullet to Marilyn. No matter what decade or level of dress you need to match, you are sure to find a brown hairstyle to match.

Brown & Brunette - Brown Banana Curl Wig Adult

Brown Banana Curl Wig Adult

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Brown & Brunette - Amelie Clip On Ponytail Brown Adult

Amelie Clip On Ponytail Brown Adult

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Styles change through the decades, and hair is no different. For the 70s, a disco afro wig or brown feathered wig will help you bust a move on the dance floor. If you are looking for 1950s fashion, a beehive or bouffant style will match a housewife or poodle skirt look. Brunette wig styles from modern times range from long to short, but they're all perfect for something. You can travel even farther back in time with one of our biblical brown wigs. You can become a shepherd, Jesus, or another biblical figure with the help of a full wig and beard set.

They say brunettes do it better. We don't know if that's true or not, but we do know that these brown wigs are fun, flirty, and ready to wear with your chosen Halloween costume.