Not every costume wig fits into a specific category. Our miscellaneous wigs and wig accessories are perfect for all sorts of wacky Halloween costumes. Miscellaneous doesn't mean these are bargain bin items. Our misc wigs are a mixture of some of our most interesting headwear, ranging form horror to humor. Just because a hairpiece is labeled as miscellaneous, doesn't mean it has to be humorous. We carry adult styles for cultural, historic, and character costumes. Sometimes they don't have to contain hair at all! We carry a wide selection of bald caps for all your hairless character needs. You can blend your bald cap into your skin with an application of face paint or makeup foundation.

Wigs are a fun addition to any Halloween costume, but certain items can make your experience easier and more pleasant. Wear a wig cap under your costume wig to help keep your hair in place. Mesh caps keep your own hair from showing under your wig and help your style looking great. Toupe tape is another accessory to help you maintain your look. This double sided tape adheres your hairpiece in one spot so you don't have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions. After you are done with your costume, keep your wigs in great shape with a wig stand.

Our miscellaneous wigs feature a mish-mosh of designs that are sure to inspire and delight!