You might not be able to travel around the world this Halloween, but you can get a great cultural costume with one of our international wigs. Our cultural wigs feature traditional hairstyles from different countries and eras. Whether you need a hairpiece for an ancient historical look or you want to match the styles of your favorite nation's culture, these national wigs are sure to make a great fit.

Ancient cultures have some of the most interesting fashions. Recreate an Egyptian or Roman look with an exotic wig. A beard wig can help create a medieval or biblical look. Other historic designs include Cleopatra braids, curly judge wigs for composers, and samurai top knots.

Not all international costumes are from ages long past. Modern fashions from other cultures are fun to explore as part of your Halloween outfit. Spanish and Irish dance uniforms often feature specific cultural wigs. A black curled wig with a red flower is a fun Spanish dancer accessory while tightly curled hairstyles are perfect for Irish dancing. Afros and dreadlock wigs are a nice addition to Rastafarian or Jamaican costumes. Travel across the sea to Asia for Japanese and Chinese hairstyles. Traditional geisha and sumo wigs are fun looks that you can add to a kimono or samurai armor.

Bring the culture of other nations to your Halloween look with international wigs for every age and locale!