Hairstyles change over the years, so you can't stick with your modern look for period costumes. Accessorize for your outfit with a historical wig for the era of your choice. You can travel back in time to ancient Egypt, colonial America, or even the stone age with our selection of historic wigs and accessories. We might as well start at the beginning with caveman beard and wig sets. The Stone Age was a time before writing and before shampoo. For a wild and wonderful hairstyle, pick out one of our savage barbarian designs.

Historical - Grey Duke Wig with Bow Adult

Grey Duke Wig with Bow Adult

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Historical - Men's Medieval King Wig

Men's Medieval King Wig

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Historical - Queen of the Nile Adult Wig

Queen of the Nile Adult Wig

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Historical - Black Judge Wig

Black Judge Wig

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Caveman wigs typically feature bones and other hairpiece accessories. You can fast-forward a few years to the shores of the Nile River. Add to your Egyptian costume with a Cleopatra wig featuring black braids. A medieval wig typically features long braids and intricate styles. You can create a Guinevere or Lady Godiva outfit with a historic wig for women.

Some of the most popular historic wigs are designed for American settlers and historical figures like the Founding Fathers and presidents. You can create a George Washington or Ben Franklin look with a white powdered wig and other colonial props. A white wig is also great for patriotic costumes like Uncle Sam. Travel across the ocean for French royalty looks like a Marie Antoinette outfit.

Regardless of the decade your Halloween ensemble comes from, a historic wig will help complete your head to toe look!