Wigs are a fun addition to any Halloween costume, but extra wig accessories can take them above and beyond. Some hair accessories like wig caps and adhesive tape work under your hairpiece to help maintain your look. Other accessories like hair-clips and extensions can add color and interest to your ensemble. We carry wigs in all qualities, materials, and styles, but you can change up the packaged look with a little creativity and the right add-ons.

Accessories - Neon Yellow Clip-In Hair Extension

Neon Yellow Clip-In Hair Extension

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Hair extensions are one of our most common hair accessories. A colorful hairclip can add some interest to a natural tone wig. Red accents added to a black wig or your natural hair can create a gothic vampire look. Other colors are fun additions that can bring out the colors of your costume. This is especially true of holiday costumes. Add green extensions for a St. Patrick's Day outfit or red and pink hair clips for a Valentine's Day look. Bobby pins and hair clips can add some fun to your look, but you should not neglect your comfort for style! Our wig accessories like wig tape, bald caps, and hairnets are awesome products that will help you prevent any wardrobe malfunctions.

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