The 1980s were a time of neon colors, geometric designs, punk rock, and metal music. You can recreate the looks of your favorite rock stars and material girls with our 80s wigs and fashion accessories. Musicians like Blondie, Paula Abdul, Michael Jackson, and Alice Cooper have great 80s hairstyles you can copy from for your decade costume. The eighties also introduced us to such haircuts as the mullet and side ponytail. Teenage movies like The Breakfast Club show us that there were tons of different styles to choose from this decade.

For women, crimping and teasing hair to get the most volume possible was also a big trend. You can recreate the looks of your favorite pop stars with big bangs and spiky wigs. 80s punk wigs feature neon colors and spikes. For men's styles, look for mullet wigs or metal headbanger wigs. Black heavy metal rocker wigs are a great complement to leather and studded fashions. Rock star looks also feature long hair with headbands. You can also emulate the King of Pop with our Michael Jackson wigs.

The eighties was a time full of different trends. Pop, metal, and punk were all big fads of the age, and there were plenty of hairstyles to match. Get the look you want from your favorite 80s fashion icons with one of these awesome decade wigs.