Top off your decade costume with a 70s wig. The seventies offers tons of different hairstyles for disco dancers, musicians, and TV show characters. If you are looking for inspiration, draw from 70s theme shoes like The Brady Bunch, That 70s Show, and Hair. Disco wasn't the only big fad of the decade. Seventies fashion trends include jumpsuits, bands like Abba, and paisley shirts. You can create a disco or hippie look with one of these fun 70s wigs.

70s - Adult White Afro Wig

Adult White Afro Wig

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70s - Super Size Jumbo Afro Wig Adult

Super Size Jumbo Afro Wig Adult

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70s - Shag Mans 191970's Blonde Wig

Shag Mans 191970's Blonde Wig

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70s - Blonde Deluxe Mega Fro

Blonde Deluxe Mega Fro

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Music like disco really shaped the fashion and culture of the time. A disco wig might feature an afro or feathered bangs. Afros come in many different sizes and colors. Go above and beyond with an afro accented with gold curls. We even carry light-up afros for a disco dance floor you can wear! You can pair a disco afro wig with other decade accessories like peace sign jewelry and other bling. Large sunglasses can help from your face and complement your disco wig. A feathered bang look will have you looking like a member of ABBA or an honorary part of the Brady Bunch.

Seventies fashion trends featured big hair and big dance music. Find your favorite look with our selection of 70s wigs and accessories.