The 1950s were a time for big music and even bigger hair! Create the perfect fashion look with our 50s hairstyle wigs. The fifties features fun styles you can recreate with a few simple accessories. If you are stumped on how to accessorize your outfit, draw inspiration from musicals and TV shows like Happy Days, Grease, and Hairspray. These shows offer us a glimpse at a decade of pompadours, bouffant, and flipped hairdos.

Rock and roll icons like Elvis and stars like Marilyn Monroe offer some wild hair options. As the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis has one of the most recognizable 'dos in history. Complete your rock star costume with an Elvis wig. Lucky for you an Elvis pompadour can also be used as a greaser wig for characters like Danny Zuko from Grease, so you can match it to multiple outfits. Women's fifties wigs might include curled housewife styles. A white or black headband across straight-cut bangs was a popular look for the era. If you are trying to create a character costume from a play like Grease, take a look at our 50s ponytail wigs. A blonde Sandra Dee headpiece will make for a great recreation of the classic musical.

Take your look back a few decades with one of these 50s hairstyle wigs and some fly fashion accessories like headbands and jewelry.