The witch is one of the scariest traditional Halloween characters. Along with ghosts, mummies, zombies, and vampires, witches have been around for a long time. Just uttering the word "witch" is enough to scare some little children out of their shoes. This is why you should check out our collection of witch masks for your next Halloween event or theme party. If you are looking to scare people, then a witch costume is definitely the way to go.

Witch - Deviant Mask

Deviant Mask

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With our witch masks, you can become an evil practitioner of witchcraft and spell-casting, searching for a child to sacrifice to make your potion. Witches are often associated with the practice of using magic to raise the spirits of the dead from their graves. While the more popular type of witch is an evil one, movies such as Oz the Great and Powerful and The Wizard of Oz depicts some witches as innately good. These films show the way the good witches attempt to protect people from the evil ways of the bad witches, and proves that being a witch isn't always a horrible thing.

During the Salem witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts in the late 1600s, being considered a witch was indeed a horrible thing. Mass hysteria and paranoia led to the hearings and convictions of dozens of people. These individuals, both male and female, were accused and even convicted of practicing witchcraft. Some of them were even hanged. But nowadays, at the very worst, being a witch will get you a few screams and maybe a TV show.

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