If you want to dress up like a werewolf for your next Halloween event or theme party, then you have come to the right place. Check out our great selection of werewolf masks and create the scariest, most ferocious wolf man character anybody has ever seen. Combine one of these masks with some other accessories that are sold separately on our site, and transform yourself into a ravaging beast this Halloween.

Werewolf - Deluxe Ani-motion Werewolf Mask

Deluxe Ani-motion Werewolf Mask

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Werewolf - Collectors Edition The Wolfman Full Halloween Mask

Collectors Edition The Wolfman Full Halloween Mask

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Werewolf - Wolf Mask

Wolf Mask

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Simply put, werewolves are hybrid creatures that feature characteristics of a human and a wolf. They are often depicted as having the ability to shapeshift from a human into a wolf or a cross between the two. Sometimes, this transformation is voluntary and controllable, but other times, it is depicted as result of a curse or affliction. A common myth is that werewolves shapeshift from humans into wolves whenever there is a full moon at night. These transformations are often uncontrollable and turn the human into a beast-like creature that will kill anything – even its loved ones.

With our collection of werewolf masks, you can become any type of werewolf character you want. You can dress up as the Wolf Man, the monster from the famous horror film. Many modern depictions of werewolves are based on this character. You can also become the Wolf Man from the movie, Van Helsing. Or you can even use one of these masks to dress up as the Big Bad Wolf from the well-known fairy tales, The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood.

So complete your transformation and get one of these werewolf masks today!