It has been just long enough since The Twilight Saga films to dress up like a vampire again. True Blood is still cool, right? Vampires were out for awhile, then they were totally in (perhaps too much so), then everybody got sick of them for a bit. But now, you don't have to feel bad about checking out our collection of vampire masks for your Halloween costume. Vampires are one of the most classic Halloween characters, and have been a popular choice for costumes for years. Some vampires are depicted as undead creatures, while others are depicted as living beings that don't age. Of course, Dracula is the most well-known vampire in popular culture.

Vampire - Old Vampire Full Halloween Mask

Old Vampire Full Halloween Mask

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Vampire - Yummy Mask

Yummy Mask

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Vampire - Schell Shocked Mask

Schell Shocked Mask

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Vampire - Lizard Tongue Evil Clown Halloween Mask

Lizard Tongue Evil Clown Halloween Mask

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Some of these creatures are said to have the ability to turn into a bat at will, alternating between their human form and their bat form to blend in and sneak around. The most common attribute of vampires is that they need the blood of living beings to survive. Vampires are also portrayed as pale creatures who do not render a reflection when looking into a mirror. Our collection of vampire masks gives you a nice variety of vampires, with different styles and characters. You can use one of these masks to create a unique bloodsucking character for your next Halloween event or theme party. Combine one of these items with a long cape and a fake set of fangs, and you will be ready to stalk your next victim.

So get your rest and check out these vampire masks today!