Old Man & Woman

Be nice to the elderly – you are going to be one of them someday. Pretty soon, we are all going to be just like our parents and grandparents, and none of us are getting any younger. Sure, we will be wiser and more experienced, but we will also be more wrinkled, more gray, and – well – a little bit more creepy. Dress up as a disturbing elderly person this Halloween and check out our collection of old man and woman masks.

Our selection of elderly person masks features all different styles of masks. For example, we have full, over the head masks, as well as simple masks that only cover your face. You can jump ahead in time and transform yourself into a frightening old man or woman with some of these items, including masks with accentuated facial features. They say that your nose and your ears get bigger as you age, but we don't think they mean it like this. Some of our old man masks feature big noses, large ears, and super-bushy eyebrows and mustaches. Designed with tons of wrinkles, these masks are extremely realistic (in a weird and terrifying way).

We also have masks that can help you transform yourself into past presidents of the United States of America. Some of these presidents might be old or deceased, so that will just make it even creepier if you wear the mask to your next Halloween party or theme event. If you attended a Catholic school as a child, then you might be interested in a scary nun mask that will bring you right back to those ruler-slapping days in elementary school.

You can't stay young forever, so you might as well check out these old man and woman masks while you still have your vision.