There are so many new Halloween costumes and masks that everybody wants to wear, but sometimes it can be fun to pay homage to the classics. Instead of dressing up as an unknown character this Halloween season, check out our collection of monster masks and become a classic and recognizable character. There is no better feeling than when people recognize exactly what your costume is and appreciate the traditional mentality.

Monster - Chewbacca Latex Mask

Chewbacca Latex Mask

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Monster - Herman Masks

Herman Masks

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Monster - Fangs Monster Scary Full Mask

Fangs Monster Scary Full Mask

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When people think of monsters, something different might come to mind for each individual. So our selection of monster masks features something for everyone. There are plenty of different types of monsters out there, so naturally, there should be tons of different types of monster masks. Perhaps the most famous monster of all time, Frankenstein's monster is one of the most recognizable monsters you can dress up as. You can either be a friendly Frankenstein or a ferocious Frankenstein with our monster masks. So put those bolts in your neck and be ALIVE!

Some other classic monsters include vampires such as Dracula, werewolves such as the Wolf-man, mummies, and zombies. Of course, you can dress up as any of these creatures, as well as many other terrifying characters, with the help of the monster masks and monster costumes that are available on our site. Use these items to instill fear in your friends, family, and the children of your neighborhood. Nobody is safe with a horrifying monster lurking around.

Become the creature that haunts everyone's nightmares when you wear one of our awesome monster masks!