Michael Myers

When people think of classic slasher movies, there is one title that immediately comes to mind: Halloween. The 1978 movie features some of the scariest moments in the history of slasher films, as well as one of the most terrifying serial killers of all time. If you want to dress up as a character who is a mentally unstable mass murderer made of pure evil, then you definitely want to check out our collection of Michael Myers masks this Halloween.

Michael Myers' history of mental illness dates back to when he was six years old. On Halloween night in 1963, Michael murders his teenage sister with a butcher knife. After fifteen years in a mental institution, Michael escapes and returns to his hometown on Halloween night. The serial killer stalks a group of teenagers and wreaks havoc on them throughout the night, murdering several of them before eventually disappearing. This includes a few teenage girls and their boyfriends, all while some of the girls were babysitting their neighbors' children.

Many of the horror movies and stories that are created today are based on some of the elements from the Halloween series. Michael Myers is one of the original slashers and has become somewhat of an icon for the genre. When you wear one of these Michael Myers masks, everybody will know exactly who you are portraying. There is no mistaking the mass murderer for that guy from the Austin Powers movies.

So face your fears and check out these Michael Myers masks today!