You can recreate your favorite character costumes with a licensed masks and accessories. Movie characters and cartoons have some pretty recognizable faces. Getting the features of your chosen character exactly right can really make an impact on your look. Licensed manufacturers can make their movie costume masks to fit the precise look you have come to know and love. There are plenty of ways to get your outfit to match a character, but a full character mask is one of the best options.

Movie characters are one of the most popular Halloween outfits. You can get your ensemble to match what you see on the silver screen with help from accessories like wigs, props, and licensed masks. Some of the popular movie characters we carry include Star Wars, Batman, Mortal Kombat, and Beetlejuice. Scary movie characters for Halloween include Michael Myers, Ghost Face, Frankenstein, and Freddy Krueger. Some figures aren't from a movie. Cartoon characters and videogame heroes are fun options, especially for kids. Some of our fun licensed costume masks feature Fred Flintstone, Master Chief from Halo, and the Angry Birds.

Match your favorite character costume with a licensed mask from an approved manufacturer so you can get exactly the look you want.