Dressing up as something scary on Halloween is overrated. This year, get creative and try to get some laughs out of it. Check out our awesome collection of funny masks and find something that is guaranteed to make people laugh until something comes out of their noses. You can use these items to add on to your costume, or you can base your outfit around the mask.

The art of humor lies in the element of unpredictability. Something surprising or ridiculous is bound to make somebody chuckle a bit, so keep that in mind when searching for the perfect mask. Sometimes, being scary and funny go hand in hand. For example, a mask or costume could be scary because of how ludicrous it is, but it can also be funny for the same reason. Plus, it is almost always funny when you scare your friends and make them jump or scream like children. Many characters and cartoons from your childhood might actually be kind of creepy when you think about them now, which could make for an interesting Halloween costume. Imagine being funny to children but horrifying to adults. Of course, the reverse is a possibility as well.

We have a great selection of funny animal masks that are disturbing on several levels. We also offer a variety of cartoon character masks that can be hysterical at Halloween parties and theme events. So pull one of these masks over your head or place it over your face, and be the comic relief at your next dress up event.

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