Feather masks are a beautiful costume option for Halloween, Mardi Gras, and other dress-up occasions. Feather designs are typically paired with domino and Venetian styles. Mardi Gras and Carnival are festivals held in the days before Catholic Lent. The holidays are marked by feasts, parades, costumes, and most notably distinctive masks. These Venetian masks are often made to resemble symbolic characters. Cats, demons, and jesters are among the most popular designs. Women's masks are often decorated with accessories like feathers, lace, and ribbons. A feathered mask creates a full and colorful look that is a great addition to a ball gown or party outfit.

Feathered Venetian masks don't have to be saved only for Carnival. A costume party can feature hidden identities for all sorts of outfit designs. Pair a feather mask with a cat, saloon girl, or French royalty costume for a touch of class and intrigue to an otherwise plain look. Hiding your identity is a fun part of Halloween and other costume holidays. You can spice up almost any look with a colorful mask with feathers. Princesses, showgirls, and even pirates can make use of these beautiful face masks.

Hide your face but not your charm this holiday with a feather mask for women and men!