For a fright filled Halloween this year, put on one of our Bloody Masks with your costume. Clothes are an important part of any look, but to create a truly gruesome style, a grisly facial disguise is essential. Transform into a crimson serial killer, fanged monster or zombie and terrorize guests at your Halloween party. Blood is considered the fluid of life. The average adult has about five liters of blood. A person can lose up to 40 percent of their blood still survive. Because loss of blood equals death, it is an important accent for any gruesome costume, emphasizing the deadly aspects of your style. Blood is also an important part of many rituals. In movies, TV and literature, it may be used to summon a demon, bring someone back from the dead, open portals to hell or other dimensions, enable time travel and perform immortality spells.

Zombies are a popular costume choice so you want your look to stand out above all the rest. Wear one of our quality facial disguises with realistic gore. The effects on our facades – including rotted teeth, melting flesh and blood create looks that rivals any TV special effects. We even have licensed replicas such as Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and a pig mask from Evil clowns, always a frightening site on Halloween, are made more terrifying with the addition of this crimson accent. It also makes serial killers become more menacing.

Have a bleeding good time when you put on a bloody Halloween mask!