If you want an energetic costume this Halloween, put on our Animated Masks. Makeup or traditional disguises are fine, but when you want to kick your costume up a notch, then you need some motion. Inject some realism into your look by moving your mouth and chomping your zombie teeth, roaring your werewolf fangs or smiling with an evil clown grin. Dressing as someone or something else is one the most fun aspects of Halloween. You can transform into your biggest hero or perhaps your greatest nightmare and the more lifelike, the costume, the better. A traditional static mask does not give any realism to the costume. With our animated disguises, you can move the jaw and scream, howl, gnash your teeth and so much more, making your costume even more horrifying!

Animated - Gorilla Mask

Gorilla Mask

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Animated - Zombie Ani-Motion Adult Mask

Zombie Ani-Motion Adult Mask

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Animated - Deluxe Ani-motion Werewolf Mask

Deluxe Ani-motion Werewolf Mask

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Animated - Two Bit Roar Action Gorilla Mask

Two Bit Roar Action Gorilla Mask

Our Price: $74.99
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Animated -

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Animated - Alien Visitor Ani-Motion Mask

Alien Visitor Ani-Motion Mask

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Animated - Vinyl Muckmouth Monster Mask

Vinyl Muckmouth Monster Mask

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Animated - Smashing Jack Action Mask

Smashing Jack Action Mask

MSRP: 49.99 Reduced Price: $36.99
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Animated - I Got the Blues Mask

I Got the Blues Mask

Our Price: $39.99
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Masks have been worn since ancient times and were often used in ceremonies. Worshippers of the Greek god Dionysus used them during celebrations, the Iroquois of North American used them in healing rituals, Egyptians placed them on their dead and in China, wedding masks were used to pray for good luck. Performers in ancient Greek theater used these facades and so did actors in medieval and renaissance Europe. In Italy, face coverings used in Commedia dell'arte eventually evolved into the modern clown face. Various cultures used different materials including wood, metal, ivory, leather, cloth, shells, stone, horn, cornhusks and other plant materials or clay. Today, animated masks are made of latex or other polymer materials that allow movement of the face.

Get moving and order your Animated Halloween Mask today.