If you want a costume that is truly of out this world, then you want an Alien Mask for Halloween. Our inventory includes licensed reproductions from some of the most popular science fiction movies, as well as classic extraterrestrials and animated disguises. Visits by and encounters with other worldly beings in space are a staple of science fiction lore. Our mask selections can help you be your favorite space creature.

Alien - Predator Mask

Predator Mask

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Alien - Yoda Full Mask

Yoda Full Mask

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Alien - Banshee Creature Scary Full Mask

Banshee Creature Scary Full Mask

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Alien - gray Alien Mask

gray Alien Mask

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Alien - Visitor Alien Ani-Motion Mask

Visitor Alien Ani-Motion Mask

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Our choices include full, over the head latex masks from some of the biggest science fiction blockbusters, including Star Wars and Alien. We also carry a mask of a grey alien, the type of being that is said to have landed in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947, and has consistently abducted humans through the years.

The belief that life might exist on other planets has been around for a long time. While there is no hard proof that life exists on another planet, many people believe that with so many stars and planets in existence, there must be more than just one that supports life. Some believe extraterrestrials have been visiting earth for thousands of years and in the past taught man technological advances, such as how to build pyramids. Many believe that governments are covering up evidence of crashed space ships and alien bodies. No matter your belief, it is fun to be an otherworldly creature for Halloween.

For the true sci-fi fan, the best thing about these detailed, high quality Alien Masks is that not only can you wear them on Halloween, but you can also keep them on display all year.