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There are tons of characters who just would not look the same without their trademark accessories and character hats. What would Indiana Jones be without his trusty fedora? Could you picture Boba Fett without his helmet? All these movie characters need their headgear to look their best. Recreate your favorite character costume with a TV and movie hat that fits the part! The first step is to choose your favorite character. Once you know what movie you want, you can find a character hat to match. Adventure movies like Zorro and Pirates of the Caribbean feature some great headgear. A Zorro hat or Spartan helmet can really help pull together an adventure movie costume. Other helmets work for movies like Star Wars or race car shows.

TV & Movie - V For Vendetta Hat

V For Vendetta Hat

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TV & Movie - Plastic Silver Tin Man Hat

Plastic Silver Tin Man Hat

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TV & Movie - Cat In the Hat Deluxe Hat

Cat In the Hat Deluxe Hat

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You don't have to be a kid to dress up in a kids' TV show costume. Add a Cat in the Hat stovepipe hat or Sesame Street character hat to your outfit for a fun and fresh look. A Big Bird or Cookie Monster headpiece is a cute way to create a character outfit. Alice in Wonderland or The Wizard of Oz are also great movies to pick from. Look like you stepped right out of the silver screen this Halloween with our TV and movie hat options.