Top Hat & Derby

If you want to add a little class to your suit or dapper men's costume, a top hat or derby are the perfect fit! Top hats are a classic match to some of our most popular period clothing and holiday costumes. There are also several character costumes that make use of these distinguished head-toppers. Whether you want to recreate your favorite movie or simply want to look your best for Halloween, our classic hat styles will complete your look.

Top hats are typically reserved for classy events, but you can also use them to create an exciting outfit. If you plan on being a ring master, magician, or other person of showbiz, a sparkling top hat can create a fun ensemble. Women's costume will look adorable with a mini top hat headband or hairpiece. Mini tophats are a great option for saloon girls, burlesque outfits, and magician's assistants. A men's version is a fun option for the likes of the Mad Hatter and steampunk characters. Derby, also known as Bowlers are a great option for gentlemen's outfits from the 1800s. Festive styles are also available for your holiday outfits. A green derby cap is perfect for St. Patrick's Day while a star-spangled strovepipe is a fun addition to patriotic costumes.

Add a fancy top hat or derby cap to your outfit for an instant touch of class.