Avast and ahoy! Cast off for adventure with a love of the open sea and a sea-faring pirate hat! All the best pirate captains have an impressive headwear. A feathered tricorn is a great option for a naval officer or pirate of great repute. There are tons of styles of headgear to give your outfit a salty look. Whether you want to be flirty or fierce, our pirate costume hats are sure to complete your look.

Women's pirate outfits are often a little on the sexy side. A sexy pirate hat is a perfect cherry on top of the sundae. Try adding a little twist to a traditional swashbuckler look with one of our mini hats. A miniature pirate hat or headband is a cute addition to any women's ensemble. An overly-elaborate captain's hat can also make for a sexy costume. Look for a large hat with lace, ribbons, or fancy feathers for a more feminine look. Feather headpieces and bandanas can also make great additions for a woman's pirate headwear.

A more rugged look can be achieved with faux leather hats and pirate bandanas. Classic pirates like Black Beard and Davey Jones can make use of a large tricorn hat while generic scalawags might look great in a pirate bandana.

Sail the seven seas in search of adventure this Halloween with our pirate hats and headpieces!