You don't have to spend all your money to look like a big spender. Our pimp hats make perfect men's costume accessories for a hip hop or 70s look. In the movies, pimps are always show with a big, flashy hat with all the trimmings. Nothing says you need a giant pimp fedora to command respect, but it sure is a lot of fun! Many typical pimp hats feature a wide brim, fur or animal print designs, and flashy colors. Show the world what it means to be pimped-out with your very own over-the-top headwear.

Pimp - 100 Dollar Print Hat Adult

100 Dollar Print Hat Adult

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The popular pimp design that we so often see on Halloween draws its inspiration from a 1970s fashion trend. You can add even more fun to your pimp look with other seventies pimp accessories like a pimp cane, brass knuckles, dollar sign jewelry, and fake teeth sets. Peace sign jewelry and round glasses can also add some seventies flair to your pimp suit and hat ensemble. For a more modern look, add hip hop and rapper accessories to your look.

Whoever said pimpin' ain't easy didn't have access to all the wonderful pimp costume accessories we have to offer! Strut your stuff this Halloween with a stylish pimp hat for that special big spender costume.