Salute your flag in a dashing patriotic costume topped off with one of these fabulous styles. Our patriotic hats are the perfect accessory for the 4th of July or a historic play or parade. Show off your true colors this holiday with a historic colonial hat or a star-spangled cap. The United States' national colors are red, white and blue. Many Independence Day costumes and accessories follow this color theme. Bunting, party foods, and even makeup items in these colors can make your patriotic picnic a little more exciting. Important historic figures like the Founding Fathers, presidents, and Uncle Sam are also popular Fourth of July costume options.

Even if you don't have a specific character picked out, you can still enjoy your holiday in a striped Uncle Sam tophat or another patriotic headwear. A white skimmer with red and blue bands is a great option for men that hearkens back to the 1950s. An American flag visor is also a fun option that can be added to almost any outfit. Go all out with an Uncle Sam costume that features his trademark stovepipe hat and beard.

For a more historic take on patriotic hats, take a look at famous figures like Lincoln, Washington, and Ben Franklin. You can create a period look with a colonial or military tricorn from the Union or Confederate army. Military headgear is great for recreations and educational plays.

Celebrate the stars and stripes this year with one of these festive patriotic hats.