Sometimes your style just doesn't fit into any one category. For those Halloween costumes that defy description, you can add one of these miscellaneous hats to your ensemble. Just because these misc hats don't fit into any one box doesn't mean they aren't the cream of the crop. These wacky hats feature every style form silly to serious. Are you looking for a hard to pin hat?

We have lots of headpieces that aren't part of the typical Halloween costume. For serious choices, look to our Pope hat, alpine caps, and captain's hats. Tophats and sequin berets are in a league of their own, and are sure to make a great finishing touch to your outfit.

Some headwear is a little sillier than most. Create an animal costume with our animal hats and mask sets. Some of these furry head-toppers will make you look like the animal you are imitating and some just look like the animals themselves! Create a humorous look with a frog, rooster, moose, or raccoon hat. You can even turn your raccoon cap into a fur trapper's headgear with the right accessories.

Find a hat that is as unique as your style with our selection of miscellaneous costume hats!