Add a little culture to your Halloween costume with an international hat design. If you are planning on wearing and outfit from Greece, Japan, or Mexico, one of these cultural hats is just the item you will need to complete your look. Hats tend to change based on the climate of the country they are from. For warm, sunny lands, hats developed wide brims. In cold, mountainous landscapes, hats became caps with short brims. Change your headgear to match your country of choice.

International - Senorita Hat with Rose

Senorita Hat with Rose

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International - Adult Yellow Rickshaw Hat

Adult Yellow Rickshaw Hat

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International - Chinese Hat

Chinese Hat

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Opt for a historic look with traditional hats like a turban, fez, or Roman helmet. We typically think of traditional garb when we think of international costume accessories. For France, look for a floppy beret. For Japan, a ninja hood. For Mexico, a straw sombrero. Other historic hats include Russian fur hats and Viking helmets. There's more to a complete international costume than just clothes. A good hat can go a long way.

Halloween isn't the only time you might need international headwear. Consider wearing a cultural hat for an international night event at your school or for a play production.

You don't have to travel to far away countries to look well-traveled. Celebrate other cultures this Halloween with our selection of international hats and accessories.