Halloween might have started out as a traditionally spooky holiday, but these days you'll see people dressed up in all sorts of silly styles. That includes funny hats. Complete the ultimate humor costume with one of these styles from our line of silly headwear. These are a few different things that can make a hat funny. Some caps are naturally silly on their own. A propeller bean cap is fit for the likes of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, and is a hoot all on its own. Other headwear can help complete a character costume from your favorite comedy TV show or movie. These hats might not be funny sitting on the shelf, but once you put them on, it's time for comedy!

Funny - Funny Plush Flamingo Hat

Funny Plush Flamingo Hat

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Funny - Adult Red Crab Beanie

Adult Red Crab Beanie

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Funny - Adult Plush Green Gator Hat

Adult Plush Green Gator Hat

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Funny - White Rooster Head Hat

White Rooster Head Hat

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Movie characters are prime candidates for funny costume hats. Simply pick out your favorite cartoon character or comedian and then find the hat to match the humor. Fred Flintstone and Bullwinkle Moose are great classic cartoons that will match a comedy hat. Fred's water buffalo hat is a ridiculous piece of headgear that will have your party guest laughing. A moose hat or antler headband is pretty silly to begin with, but will gain a whole new level of laughs when people see your whole outfit.

Create a few chuckles this Halloween with some help from our funny hats and headbands!